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The Last Wave By
Ship's Cat, Mister Huxley
Ghosts on the Magnetawan
Shipboard Logging
The Lockmasters
catharsis in an old theatre
Havana 2050
Lisa, Underway!
George and his Clarinet.jpg
Winter Logging
bubbles sm
Olaf's Homestead
BC's Voyage
Ghosts on the Magnetawan

This is a view from the easternmost dock, facing downriver at Wright’s Marina. The river passes the hamlet of Britt and the marina before opening into Byng Inlet as it flows into Northeastern Georgian Bay. The Marina has been in operation since 1950, on the banks of what was a substantial shipping lane for the lumber and fishing industries of the past, and here,in the mists of the early weeks of winter, that history, with its perils and expectations of arrivals and departures, lingers.