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The Last Wave By
Ship's Cat, Mister Huxley
Ghosts on the Magnetawan
Shipboard Logging
The Lockmasters
catharsis in an old theatre
Havana 2050
Lisa, Underway!
George and his Clarinet.jpg
Winter Logging
bubbles sm
Olaf's Homestead
BC's Voyage
Lisa, Underway!

“The child I remember being myself is as much a remembrance of Lisa as it is of me. More, in fact, because I saw her everyday and did not see myself. I heard her everyday, and did not hear myself... So to be a child in memory means that I conjure my sister, Lisa, not The Child in Photographs who bears My Name.” (a paraphrase of Timothy Findley's Inside Memory) Water Miscible Oil on photograph and canvas.2014.