Some Sculptures

Some Sculptures & Figures, and painted furniture

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Lucia, close-up
Admiral Oberdorfer
Captain Amphibio
Captain Amphibio close-up
Crow & briefcase
Emerson closer
Winged Man
Winged Man
Who Has Seen the Wind?
The Melting
Dragon head close-up
Werewolf of Juniper
Werewolf of Juniper Close-up
Baby Kraken
Close-up, Baby Kraken
Close-up, Baby Kraken
Arctic Musicians
Arctic Musicians
Ladders and faucet
Pure Life TM
The Sandhills
sandhill cranes on the wall for web
A Tree in the Maldives
Behold, side view
Behold, closer reflection
Kim&Cathy's bear
coloured bird ornament
Andy, surfer
Lucas and Theo
Garden Trellis
Canadian Builder
Canadian Builder
Huxley's voracious
Hattie on deck by Brooke Johnson
Barrister Bird
Barrister Bird
3x3 sculpture for Blyth Festival
Beaver Lodge table
Beaver Lodge table
Rob Ford sculpture by Brooke Johnson

Lucia is self-isolating during the early days of Covid-19. She can't go out to the laundromat, so has exhausted her wardrobe and is now doing laundry in her bathtub. She is stopped in her chore by the passion of Donizetti's Opera sextet, from Lucia di Lammermoor, and is transported... Made with colth and papier mache over wire mesh and copper tubing; using clothing, old wooden shoe-forms, nitrile gloves, acrylic paint. She is 48" tall.